Program Objectives

Each course of study completed will enable you to work in the field capable of screening and assessing clients, counseling, identifying crisis and intervening when appropriate, and managing client records. With an invaluable education and a heart in tune with the human condition, imagine the impact you can have on one struggling person or multitudes! A newly acquired diploma in substance abuse counseling not only shapes you as a person in meaningful and positive ways, it just may change the life of another person in dire need of your expertise.

Where can my Alcohol and Drug Counseling training take me?

Alcohol and Drug Counselors are needed throughout the nation in private counseling and recovery centers, behavioral health and treatment facilities, as well as outpatient counseling centers and residential services.

That first step is usually the hardest, but once taken, the professionals at InterCoast will show you how to succeed in helping another to take their first step to a better way of life. Just think: Now you already have the ability to empathize with your new client!

Competent and well- trained Alcohol and Drug Counselors are in high demand. If you have an interest in the intricate workings of the mind, are compassionate toward others, and have the motivation to succeed, the rewarding career as a substance abuse counselor could be for you.

Your Future Within Reach

With financial assistance available to those who qualify, why put your exciting future as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor on hold? Whether or not you have experience, call to find out more today you will be one step closer to becoming a Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Friendly and informative Enrollment Advisors are standing by with the answers to your questions.

Let InterCoast help to prepare you for the challenging, yet rewarding, career in Alcohol and Drug Counseling.




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The central mission of InterCoast is to provide Associates Degree and Diploma level educational career program designed to prepare students to succeed in the medical, legal, business and technical industries by enabling them to meet the highest expectations of employers for entry level professions. Each program shares this mission.


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