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Vocational & Trade School Programs to Kick-Off Your Career

  • Development of technical skills

    The development of job-preparedness skills, including higher-level thinking, in order to prepare graduates for entry-level employment.

  • Development of professional attitudes

    The professional attitudes and behaviors related to good work habits, interpersonal communication skills, self-discipline, confidence, and the cultural sensitivity and awareness necessary for workforce readiness.

  • Student Support

    Effective student support and motivation by staff for its students in an effort to encourage successful completion and training related employment.

  • Interpersonal communication skills

    Education through community involvement and participation in activities that promote the practice of giving, while developing transferable skills to the workplace.

Admissions to trade schools

Admissions to trade schools

#Vocational Schools Near Me

#Vocational Schools Near Me

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Success Stories

Student of the Month in HVAC

Why did you choose InterCoast?

Multiple reasons: It’s close to me, AM & PM courses available and class sizes are small so I will get the attention I need. I’ve been in class for a few months, my instructor is very detailed.

Why did I choose HVAC? 

I chose to enter this program to gain the knowledge of heating and air conditioning as well as refrigeration.  After I complete HVAC, I will be immediately returning for the Electrical Program. The lack of technicians in this industry is high. There is less than 2% of women in this field.

What is the best part of my experience so far?

I enjoy the weekly labs. My instructor breaks everything down so we understand what we’re doing.  With the knowledge I’m gaining I have complete confidence I will succeed in this career field.


Codee Foy

HVAC Student

Featured for the Dental Assistant Recognition Week at Norco

Great school, teachers are excellent really like how they put it all together, recommend highly to anyone who wants to further their career, in a timely manner.

mitchelle a student

Michelle Fields

Former ICC Student in Dental Assistant