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Career Insight: A Day in the Life of a Bookkeeper

It’s time to reevaluate your career path. Times are changing and traditional 9-5 jobs are a thing of the past. Bookkeepers are leading the way in remote and telecommuting positions. The future looks bright for bookkeeping careers, too. The payroll and bookkeeping market is soaring high in 2018. It’s valued at a whopping $98.7 billion...

dental assistant

How to Become a Dental Assistant: 5 Simple Steps

According to a recent study, there are over 300 000 dental assistants working in the United States. Good news is that number will rise to an estimated rate of 18% between the years 2014 and 2024. Now is a good time to become a dental assistant! If you have had a dental appointment recently, chances...

Recovery Happen

InterCoast Colleges Announces Details For Annual Recovery Happens Event

The college is on a mission to educate the community about the dangers of substance abuse, reports FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Anaheim, CA)—InterCoast Colleges, a network of colleges focused on preparing students for real-world careers, recently announced details of their annual Recovery Happens event. On a mission to educate the community about the dangers of...

how to find a new career

How to Find a New Career and Live Happily Ever After

We’ve all taken that job that was meant to be a stepping stone just to have it turn into a tombstone. Paychecks are so addictive, that before we know it, we’re stuck. When you have dependents, it’s scary to even consider leaving and pursuing something else. Sometimes, we need to be scared. It’s motivating. When...

hvac tech

Top 5 Skills You Need to be a Successful HVAC Tech

Are you looking for a new career and thinking about getting into HVAC services? It’s not a bad idea, especially considering the field is expected to continually grow at least 15% by 2026. While it is true that you don’t need any higher education to work in the HVAC field, there are certain traits and...

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