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5 Reasons Why It’s Never too Late to Get a Degree

Are you looking into getting a degree in a new field that will give you career-oriented education for employment? Do you want to go back to school but feel you’ve passed the prime years of your life? It’s never too late to pursue or further your education. Getting a new degree can only open more doors for you.  Earning an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences (AAS) will give you career focused training in a specific area. For example, an AAS Degree in Business will offer training in career-focused coursework such as human resources, payroll, marketing, social media, and computerized accounting....

Are You Considering Attending a Trade School?

With the skyrocketing cost of traditional college, many Americans are opting for trade school instead. Student loan debt is at crisis levels in the United States. In fact, the average college graduate owes more than $37,000 in student loans. Stunningly, roughly 70 percent of graduates are burdened with substantial debt. This is one of the many reasons why Americans are choosing vocational schools. Students who decide to attend trade schools usually have less debt and join the workforce much quicker than traditional college students. Plus, vocational schools offer a specific curriculum that easily translates to the workforce. And, usually, class...

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6 Benefits of Becoming a Registered Medical Assistant

6 Benefits of Becoming a Registered Medical Assistant Medical assistants are a vital force in the provision of quality healthcare services across the country. They work in a physician’s office, hospitals, specialty clinics, and other healthcare facilities, performing a range of administrative and clinical tasks. What if you’re passionate about healthcare but don’t fancy undergoing the rigorous training it takes to become a physician or even a nurse? In this case, becoming a registered medical assistant is a smart career move. Still undecided about whether to pursue this career? In this article, we’re making it easy for you to reach...

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7 Great Reasons to Explore the Electrical Trade

Can you imagine living in a world without electricity? Then you probably can’t imagine a world without electricians. The electrical trade is a central part of modern civilization. If you’re trying to find a reliable, future-proof job, you’re looking in the right place. In a world that runs on electricity, the service of an electrician is always in demand. This situation of high demand and limited supply is why the electrical trade has such high salaries. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or thinking of going back to school, electrical training is a worthy choice. In California, you must...

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Popular Certification Courses You Need To Consider

Looking for the best ways to grow your career? Want to get a better job and climb the professional ladder? The answer might be to go back to school. Any job requires a specific set of skills. Even if you already have those skills, you must find a way to prove it. This is where certification courses and programs come in handy. Whether you’re planning to change jobs or advance in career, licenses and certifications are a must-have. These papers reflect your skills and give you the right to work in a specific field. The right certification courses can take...

How An Adult Education Certificate Further Your Career

Are you thinking about going back to school? An adult education certificate means a smart move in many respects. It can provide you with valuable skills you need to advance your career further. It can even help you establish new contacts within your industry, paving the way for higher salaries and new job growth. But adult education is a massive investment, and many people wonder if it really is worth the effort. The good news? It really is. In this post, we discuss how specifically adult education certificates can further your career. Read on for valuable insight!

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Guide to Drug and Alcohol Counseling Studies Programs

Guide to Drug and Alcohol Counseling Studies Programs Over 60,000 Americans died from a drug overdose in 2016. That same year 88,000 people died from alcohol-related causes. Unfortunately, those numbers don’t seem to be falling. It’s also incredibly likely you know someone who has been affected by drugs and/or alcohol. You want to help, which is why you’re looking into pursuing a career in drug and alcohol counseling services. But first, you need to know which studies program is right for you. Read this guide to help you get the education you deserve.

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