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Do You Have What It Takes to Become An Addiction Counselor? The Key Traits and Qualifications of a Successful Drug & Alcohol Counselor

Around 19.7 million Americans battle a drug or alcohol addiction. This is probably why the job outlook for addiction counselors is on the rise at a projected growth of 23 percent for the next 10 years, which is much higher than the national average. Interested in becoming an addiction counselor? Let’s find out what it...


CCAPP Certification: Your First Step to Becoming a Substance Abuse Counselor

In 2017, nearly 20 million adults across America suffered from substance addiction. And 38% of American adults found themselves abusing illegal drugs. These types of addiction have devastating consequences in the lives of the addicts and their loved ones. Addiction damages people’s health, their finances, and their emotional well-being. But breaking out of addiction on...


Get in the Know: Here’s What It Takes to Be a CAADE Educator

The National Institution of Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that alcohol and drug abuse-related crimes, injuries, and lost work productivity cost the US $740 billion every year. But the drug addiction epidemic in the US has done more than rack up a hefty bill. Each year, families and friends lose loved ones to overdose. And thousands of...

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