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Exploring Careers in Business? What Is Computerized Accounting?

Exploring Careers in Business? What Is Computerized Accounting?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says there will be job growth of about 9 percent for bookkeepers and other financial clerks. While there may be more jobs, the competition will increase as more people enter the field. If you’re thinking about careers in business, an associates degree in business may seem like a good idea. A certificate...

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Your Guide to Starting a Bookkeeping Business: Is it for You?

Bookkeeping appears in the top 25 on the list of best business jobs available. Since bookkeeping involves considerable time and attention to detail, many businesses look to outsource the tasks involved. While many bookkeepers work for other companies, there’s potential to freelance with this career option. Does the idea of owning your own business sound...


Career Insight: A Day in the Life of a Bookkeeper

It’s time to reevaluate your career path. Times are changing and traditional 9-5 jobs are a thing of the past. Bookkeepers are leading the way in remote and telecommuting positions. The future looks bright for bookkeeping careers, too. The payroll and bookkeeping market is soaring high in 2018. It’s valued at a whopping $98.7 billion...

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Top 5 Benefits of Taking a Computerized Accounting Course

Accounting is growing faster than most industries. If you’ve ever wondered how you might get into this quickly growing field, a course in computerized accounting might be the answer. Computerized accounting is using the advantages of computers to streamline accounting in an accurate, efficient way. It is used by businesses around the world both big...

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