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COVID-19 Online Learning

Health Crisis – InterCoast Colleges’ Hybrid Learning Program is keeping current students’ career goals on track.

Health and safety are a priority, and adhering to the government-mandated precautions will help all of us weather this storm. With these provisions in place, many are finding it next to impossible to continue their education and career training. Fortunately, InterCoast has a solution to tackle these obstacles, while still maintaining a safe and healthy...

InterCoast Colleges Involved In The West Covina Community

InterCoast Colleges Involved In The West Covina Community

For more than 35 years, InterCoast College has worked to educate the community of West Covina. Part of our mission is to reduce addiction in the community, both by helping individual addicts and by working to change the conditions that lead people to become addicted. As you watch this presentation, you’ll hear about InterCoast’s mission...

HVAC and Electrical Hybrid Learning Programs

InterCoast Colleges Now Offers HVAC and Electrical Hybrid Learning Programs

New schedules combine once a week, campus-based, hands-on lab sessions with online education, InterCoast Colleges reports InterCoast Colleges announced its new hybrid learning schedules for HVAC and electrical training. Hybrid, also known as blended learning, combines multiple teaching models to streamline education and better suit the needs of students. “We’re proud to announce that we...

Women in Construction

InterCoast Colleges Joins NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction)

InterCoast Colleges Joins NAWIC InterCoast is happy to announce its membership in the National Association of Women in Construction, or NAWIC. This partnership will allow InterCoast to join NAWIC in improving the position of women in the construction industry by educating a new generation of women workers in skilled construction trades. Some people think women...


West Covina Campus & Online Graduation Day 2018

A word from the Chris Rush, Campus director. Dear Graduates, Family and Friends, Faculty and Staff- It is my pleasure to celebrate in your success, you made it to the finish line! This is SUCH an AMAZING accomplishment- Some people will go their entire life and never experience this moment. TAKE IT IN! Finish what...

wondering about credit transfers at InterCoast

The Ultimate Guide To credit transfers at InterCoast Colleges

Life happens! Wondering about credit transfers? Maybe you had to take a couple of years off of school before finishing your certificate or college degree. Maybe you moved and had to transfer schools. Maybe you’ve already graduated from a program and have decided to come back to school. Whatever the reason, if you’ve attended InterCoast...

Healthcare Office Specialists

InterCoast Colleges Online Announces Launch of Online Training

Due to the expected growth in demand for Healthcare Office Specialists, has launched an all new online training program FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Anaheim, California) According to information from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of health information technicians is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster...

New Revised Alcohol & Drug Counseling Studies Online

Press Release: InterCoast Colleges Offers New Revised Alcohol & Drug Counseling Studies Online

The curriculum for the Alcohol and Drug Counseling Studies Program has been revised to include Co-Occurring Disorders. (The program at continues to provide online curriculum meets CCAPP) (Anaheim, CA) In 2013 there were more than 21.6 million people in the U.S. suffering from substance abuse or dependence. This number has increased significantly over the...