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Alcohol & Drug Counseling: Program Description

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An Alcohol and Drug Counselor is a competent professional trained to offer alcohol and drug abuse counseling services to those seeking recovery from addiction.

Interconnected with that of social and human services, these qualified professionals are equipped to handle the staggering numbers of people in need of help, many of whom have lost their way of life as a direct result of these addictions.

Through counseling, those suffering with addictions seek to eliminate offending behavior patterns, overcome their addictions, and maintain focus on recovery and prevention of relapse.

The demand for Substance Abuse Counselors is projected to grow much faster than the national average 20 percent or higher during the period from 2008-2018, with a stated employment in 2008 of 352,000 individuals!*

The exclusive Alcohol and Drug Counseling Studies at InterCoast Colleges prepares today’s aspiring substance abuse counselors with the educational tools necessary to become an Alcohol and Drug Counselor, one that just may rescue the addicted patient lost in the alienating world of addiction.

Approved By The CCAPP

The California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP), has approved the InterCoast Colleges program and is the largest statewide consortium of community-based for profit and nonprofit substance use disorder treatment agencies, and addiction focused professionals, providing services to over 100,000 California residents annuallyin residential, outpatient, and private practice settings.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Studies Program: What can I expect to learn?

The program is designed to provide those students with or without prior experience in the field of Alcohol and Drug Counseling with a complete educational program that meets and exceeds California certification standards and further develops the Alcohol and Drug Counseling Studies student who is able to competently convey services relative in the Alcohol and Drug Counseling profession.

The instructional practices within the Alcohol and Drug Counseling Studies program involves counseling fundamentals, addiction treatment and relapse prevention, ethical conduct and relevant laws, pharmacology and the brain, as well as skills-development to enhance personal and professional growth.


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You will learn and practice skills in a number of tasks associated with alcohol and drug abuse counseling to assist you in:

  • Communicating with individuals and/or families needing substance abuse treatment/education
  • Facilitating various types of counseling groups such as process, problem-solving, psycho-educational, and activity groups
  • Equipping clients with coping skills to prevent the possibility of relapse
  • Maintaining and providing private medical records in adherence to relevant regulations and applicable laws
  • Understanding the importance of the therapeutic alliance in substance abuse counseling
  • Gaining effective culturally-competent counseling techniques

Gainful Employment Program Disclosure

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